Academia International College, affiliated with Tribhuvan University, is one of the premier institutions dedicated to providing quality education in a fully-integrated, multicultural environment. The College occupies spacious area at Lalitpur with excellent facilities. In our Graduate School, we are one of the pioneer institutes in Nepal to introduce B.Sc. CSIT program offered by Tribhuvan University.

Academia International College is committed to achieving excellence in the academic development of students and professionals. We strongly believe that the Academic Programs at Academia is going to acquire a distinguished reputation of being the most rigorous and fulfilling course in this category.


Academia Mobile Apps Dev. Compt. Final

Venue: Academia International College
Date: 2021-07-16 , Time: 19:00:00

Amendments in Income Tax by Budget 2078/79

Venue: MS Teams
Date: 2021-07-03 , Time: 08:00:00

Amendments in Income Tax by Budget 2078/79

Venue: MS Teams
Date: 2021-06-28 , Time: 06:30:00


Janei Purnima

College Holiday.

Gai Jatra

College Holiday

Indra Jatra/Sambidhan Diwash

College Holiday


  • Stock Trading Management System - Ajar Maharjan,Rajat Maharjan,Rujen Maharjan,Susan Maharjan
  • Veterinary Services System - Kshitiz Sharma,Binaya Maharjan,Rajat Man Maharjan,Sagar Basnet
  • Hospital Management System - Pranish Maharjan,Sajal Chandra Poudel,Sayal Chitrakar
  • Employee Payment Management System - Aashma Khadgi,Ritika Shakya
  • AI Virtual Mouse Control - Rohit Maharjan,Sonam Kunwar,Diwash Shrestha,Rohit Maharjan
  • Automated Attendance through Facial Recognition - Ashutosh Maharjan,Harendra Bhujel,Pratik Dahal,Sandeep Tamang
  • College Information Management System - Aarohan Nakarmi,Pradeep Chapagain,Sujan Kunwar,Suman Chapagain


COVID-19 Status Survey at Academia.

This Survey was conducted among 98 Students, Faculty, and Staffs of Academia Int. College,  89% students, 4% staffs and 7% Teachers.  Male - 76.5%,  Female- 23.5% . Result: Currently active case: 4.08%, Infected and recovered: - 7.14%, Never infected - 88.77%. 40% of the infected are in hospital and 60% are in home isolation. 93.7% of the respondent never took first dose of vaccine and 100% of the respondent never took second dose of vaccine.

- 98



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