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The Bachelor of Science in Computer Science and Information Technology (B.S.CSIT) curriculum is designed by closely following the courses practiced in accredited international universities. In addition to the foundation and core Computer Science and Information Technology courses, the program offers several elective courses to fulfill the demand of high technology applications development. The foundation and core courses are designed to meet the undergraduate academic program requirement, and the service courses are designed to meet the need of fast changing computer technology and application. Students enrolled in the four year B.Sc.CSIT program are required to take courses in design and implementation of computer software systems, foundation in the theoretical model of computer science, and a functional background of computer hardware. All undergraduate students are required to complete at least126 credit hours of computer science course and allied courses.


The main objective of B.Sc.CSIT program is to provide students intensive knowledge and skill on different areas of computer science and information technology, including design, theory, programming and application of computer system. Specifically, the main objectives of B.Sc.CSIT program are:

  • To offer intensive knowledge on the theory, design, programming and application of computers.
  • To provide in-depth understanding of and experience with computer systems.
  • To develop creative and analytical skills that provides a basis for technological problem-solving.
  • To equip students with the technical knowledge required for an IT professionals to handle multi-tasking situations and to assess and develop computer-based solutions.
  • To impart knowledge of computer and programming logic environment in IT.
  • To develop knowledge of advanced IT applications applicable in different business sectors.
  • To equip students with the technical knowledge required for an IT professional to handle multi-tasking and multi programming situations and to assess and develop computer-based solutions.
  • To provide necessary knowledge in functional knowledge of hardware system and the and necessary knowledge of computer software system.

Career Prospects

What makes our CSIT graduates even more tempting is the career prospect and pay grade that they get with it. In fact, the Future of Jobs Report by the World Economic Forum shows that by 2022, companies are likely to adopt technologies that require definitive qualifications that come with a computer science degree. If that isn’t enough to convince one, Forbes has rated job candidates with computer science degrees as one of the top 5 highest paid jobs. Furthermore, data science, which is a part of computer science degrees, is said to be among the most promising careers in the near future.

Moreover, as a CSIT graduate, one can become a software developer, web developer, database administrator, data analyst, SEO specialist, game developer, to name a few. We are proud of our Alumni, where many of our graduates are nation’s emerging entrepreneurs running their own software companies.

Study Progression
First Semester
C Programming
Introduction to Information Technology
Mathematics I
Digital Logic

Second Semester
Discrete Structures
Object Oriented Programming
Mathematics II
Statistics I
Third Semester
Data Structure and Algortihm
Numerical Method
Computer Architecture
Computer Graphics
Statistics II

Fourth Semester
Operating Systems
Artificial Intelligence
Database Management System
Computer Networks
Theory of Computation
Fifth Semester
Design and Analysis of Algorithms
System Analysis and Design
Simulation and Modeling
Web Technology
Multimedia Computing
Wireless Networking
Image Processing
Knowledge Management
Society and Ethics in Information Technology
Microprocessor Based Design
Elective I

Sixth Semester
Technical Writing
Net Centric Computing
Compiler Design and Construction
Software Engineering
Applied Logic
Automation and Robotics
Neural Networks
Computer Hardware Design
Cognitive Science
Elective II
Seventh Semester
Advanced Java Programming
Data Warehousing and Data Mining
Principles of Management
Project Work
International Marketing
Digital System Design
Software Project Management
Database Administrator
Information Retrieval
Network Security

Eight Semester
Distributed and Object-Oriented Database
International Business Management
Embedded Systems Programming
Network and System Administration
Real-Time Systems
Mobile Application Development
Decision Support System and Expert System
Geographical Information System
Introduction to Cloud Computing
Game Technology
Distributed Networking
Advanced Networking with IPV6
Elective V
Elective IV
Advance Database
Student Achievements
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Eight Semesters (Four Academic Years).

Eligibity for Admission

  • Minimum Second division mark in I.Sc. Examination with Physics and Mathematics (100 marks).                                             Or
  • At least C grade mark in each subject in +2 Examination with Physics and Mathematics (100 marks).                                             Or
  • At least D grade in each subject in A Level Examination with Physics and Mathematics (100 marks).                                            Or
  • A minimum of second division mark in CTEVT Examination with Physics and Mathematics (100 marks).                                                                            And
  • Passed the entrance examination conducted by Institute of Science and Technology (IOST) TU.



You should made the application for B.Sc.CSIT course by submitting Online application form.

You can also make the application on the college application form which you can collect through the college admission office. You should fill the application form and submit it directly to the college along with the following:

  1. Copies of all the qualifications held starting from S.E.E.  or equivalent , Certificates, Diplomas and Degrees.
  2. Letters from past and present employers (If applicable).

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Why B.Sc.CSIT at Academia?

One of the premier institute offering B.Sc.CSIT program.
Highly qualified faculty members.
Research based and Project based education.
Tie up with nation’s leading Software Companies.
100% placement track record.
Excellent result in TU Board Examinations.
Outstanding Academia CSIT Alumni.
Excellent academic environment.
Regular seminars, workshops and field visits.
Guest lectures.
IT Club.
Well-equipped computer, Electronics, and Physics laboratories.
Provision of career counseling and placement cell.
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